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I am looking for another AU story that had Callie as a special agent and Arizona was partnered with her because she worked well with computers. Somehow Arizona's brother came in the story as well. Don't remember much of it. Anyone have the link ???

Thank you :)

Fan fiction help !!

There was a Callie/Arizona story that I loved and read on was about Callie attacking Arizona because really she had a disease and was dying and Arizona was pregnant at the time and didn't tell Callie. Callie left and years later she came back and found out she has a daughter with Arizona. In the beginning chapters I remember mark and bailey were upset with Callie because she hurt Arizona. And In one part she goes to arizonas home and Meredith is over and try's to protect her by not opening the door. Arizona finds out she has a disease with no cure.
I really want to read that story again. Help 😬

Are you Calzona fan from mind or from heart? (this is for CALZONA fans ONLY)

Ok so I have been off for a qute a while. because mostly I was sad because of Sara's absence in season 13 & so practically I have nothing to post for Calzona. Now almost from the begining of Season 13 we know that Arizona is gonna get a new love interest & that honestly it brings me to post this. I don't know if anoyone still visit this site but still I wanted to give it a try...

So in the past few months I have seen two set of Calzona fans here....
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Poll #2057065 Calzona Fan from Mind or heart

Are you Calzona fan from mind or from heart?

From Mind...we are realistic
From Heart...we are hopeless romantic

P.S.: Can you guess which one I fall under!
[tv: grey's anatomy] callie & arizona

Fic: Second Chances (1/1)

Title: Second Chances (1/1)
Rating: PG-13
Author: englishstrawbie
Beta: i_fly_solo
Characters/Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Disclaimer: Here.
Summary: post-12x24. As Callie closes a chapter in her life, she and Arizona say goodbye.

Callie surveys her empty home. A couple of suitcases stand by the door for their plane journey, while the rest of their belongings (except for her furniture which has gone into storage) have been packed up and shipped to New York.