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Fanfic: 3 Little Stories

Title: 3 Little Stories
Author: mak62184
Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Rating: G
Summary: 3 short stories that were in my head about Callie and Arizona's lives.
Disclaimer: All characters are not mine and I just write for fun and not for profit.
Summary: Drabble about Arizona's love of camping.

“Callie,” Arizona whispered to her wife to not wake up their daughter and her friend, Zola.
“What is it?” Callie groggily woke up.

“I think I am going to go inside.  I don't like camping.”

“Are you serious? Do you want to disappoint our daughter?”

“Well, no. But, I don't like being out in this tent anymore. I know we promised Sofia a camp out, but I wasn't thinking right when she came to us with her sweet little face.”

“You really consider this camping, Arizona? We're on a really thick aero bed and the tent is not even off of the porch. Oh yeah, and it enclosed.”

“Did you really think I would want to take the tent out further in the backyard on the grass?”

“No. That's why we made this compromise. Derek and Meredith can do the rough camping with the girls and we can teach them the comfortable and safe way.”

“Mommy, mama?” Sofia called out.

“Yes, what is it?” Callie was trying to whisper in fear of waking up Zola.

“Can you two be quiet? I'm trying to sleep. And you two are coming to Zola's the next time to teach you what a real camp out is.”

And with that, Arizona knew she was stuck.

#2-Up All Night
Summary-Callie is supervising a sleepover, while Arizona works the night shift.

It was 2:30 in the morning and Callie was frustrated.  Arizona was working the overnight shift at the hospital, while Callie supervised a sleepover for their 6 and 2 year old daughters, Sofia and Casey.  While they only had Zola and Bailey Shepherd over, the four of them together were a handful.  They had yet to go to sleep and were still up in full party mode. Callie was glad when her phone rang and it was Arizona.

“What are you doing still awake?” Arizona asked, kind of surprised that Callie seemed to be awake, unlike other times they talked in the middle of the night while she was working.

“Our kids and the McDreamy kids won't go to sleep. Actually, I put Casey in bed around 9:30 because she was exhausted and was falling asleep watching a movie. I'm surprised she even stayed up that late. But, she woke up again around midnight and has been running around with Sofia, Zola, and Bailey ever since.”

“Why didn't you enforce a bed time?”

“I tried, but they just challenged me. Sofia claims she saw on a tv show that you are supposed to stay up all night at a sleepover. So, that's exactly what they are trying to do.”

“Oh,” Arizona felt a little guilty not being at home to help her wife.  “Don't worry. They'll probably get tired at some point and crash.  Then hopefully they'll be too exhausted tomorrow and we can have an evening in with minimal interruptions.”

“I like that. I think they are in Sofia's room right now dancing or something. I put a stop to them jumping on the bed. I don't need to bring them to the ER and make people think I'm an incompetent parent.”

“And you aren't. Just relax. How about gather them up and put the tv to some kids network?  They will be bound to fall asleep. I'll be home around 8am tomorrow. If we have to make tomorrow a rest day, we will.”

“Okay.” Callie was a little calmer now.  “I will try the tv thing. And I can't wait for you to come home. See you in a few.”
They hung up and Callie went to Sofia's bedroom.

“Okay, kids. Here is what we are going to do now.  You are going to bring your sleeping bags down to the living room and any pillow or stuffed animal that you desire. And I will let you watch tv.”

“But, you never let us watch tv in the middle of the night,” Sofia pointed out.

“This is a one time thing.  Since you kids think you can manage to stay awake, we will do it together.”

“Yay!” They all shouted and started to grab every toy, blanket, pillow, and whatever else they thought was important to bring downstairs.  Callie got them all settled and turned on Disney Junior.  She got on the couch and lay down.  This was the first time the kids were quiet all night.

A few hours later, Arizona came home.  She found all four kids awake and eating a package of Oreo cookies and juice boxes in front of the tv. Callie was sound asleep.

“So, what do you guys have there?” She asked casually.

“We were watching tv and mommy fell asleep.” Casey said.

“And we got hungry.  Since Dr. Callie fell asleep and we couldn't reach the cereal or bowls, Sofia got us some cookies from the pantry,” Bailey explained.

Arizona just nodded.  The kids made sense, but they were a mess with chocolate all over their faces. “So, what time did you kids get to sleep?”

“We didn't,” Sofia said, giving her mom the biggest smile ever.

“So you kids stayed up all night and are now having cookies and juice for breakfast?”

They all nodded proudly before turning their attention back to the tv.

Arizona looked at Callie sleeping.  She went over and put a blanket over her before heading into the kitchen.  She made a phone call.

“Hey, Meredith.  Since I worked the overnight and Callie is exhausted from the sleepover with the kids, do you and Derek mind if Sofia and Casey come over when you pick up Zola and Bailey later?”

#3 Injured
Summary-Sofia worries about an injury Callie has. This one is a little longer than the first two.

“I hope it isn't broken,” Arizona spoke of Callie's bruised and swollen ankle.

“I'm fairly certain it is,” Callie sighed and looked at it. “I fell on some ice outside the entrance and heard and felt it snap.”

“It could just be a sprain,” which Arizona hoped that was all that was wrong.

“No, it's broken. I can't move it and couldn't put any weight on it.  Now I'm going to be out of work for at least a month. Maybe longer.”

“Well, you can have Sofia keep you company.  You also could use her to your advantage to help.  You know she can't resist wanting to help.”

Callie smirked. “That is so wrong, but funny.”

“What's so funny?” Derek asked, bringing Sofia into the room with a balloon from the gift shop.”

“Oh, nothing.” Callie didn't want her daughter to hear what they were talking about.

“Well, Sofia decided to get you a get well present and she wanted you to have this,” Derek handed the balloon to Callie.

“Thank you, Sofia. I love it.” She got no response from the toddler.

“Sof, what's the matter?” Arizona asked.  The kid was usually a ball of energy in the hospital, but not this time.

“They're going to take mommy's leg,” she started crying.

“What?” All three adults were puzzled how Sofia came to that conclusion.

“Mommy hurt her leg, so they're going to take it just like mama's.”

“Oh, Sofia,” Arizona pulled her into a hug.  Neither woman realized she would get confused like that.  “Mommy just hurt her ankle.  They'll fix it up because it isn't a major injury like mine was.”

“How do you know?”

“Well, my leg was really bad. The bone was sticking out of my leg. And I also had a bad infection, which made me sick.  Mommy doesn't have either of those.”

“Yeah, I'm going to be okay,” Callie reassured her daughter.  They'll just give me a cast, which I will let you pick out a color for it.”

“Really?” Sofia had some interest in that.

“Yep. We just need to wait for my x-rays to come back.”

And with that, Cristina and Jo came into the room. While Cristina did not particularly like ortho, she decided to help Callie since she saw her fall.

“We're going to need to cut it off,” Cristina joked, laughing hysterically about what she said.

“No!” Sofia screamed and ran out of the room with Arizona and Derek after her.

“Seriously Cristina? You can say that as a joke in front of Arizona, but not Sofia,” Callie was a little mad at her friend.

“Oh come on. First, I didn't know she was in here. And second, she knows I'm not serious.”

“No she didn't this time.  She is worried that someone is going to have to amputate my leg like Arizona's.”

“Sorry. I will tell Sofia I am sorry. But, you are going to need some pins put in, which means surgery. I've already got someone from ortho assigned to your case, so you'll be dealing with them when you are moved upstairs.”

“Fantastic,” Callie muttered.

At that moment, Arizona came back with a still scared Sofia.  She hid behind Arizona's back.

“Sofia,” Cristina addressed her god-daughter.  I'm sorry for joking about cutting your mom's foot off. The good news is, she won't.”

“But, I'm going to need some minor surgery to put some pins in,” Callie chimed in.

“See, Sof, that isn't so bad,” Arizona tried to get her to stop hiding.

“How do I know you aren't lying?

“Because I'm a really great surgeon and I wouldn't let anything bad happen to either of your moms.  Would it make you feel better if I was in the operating room looking over to make sure nobody makes a mistake?”

Sofia thought for a moment. “Okay.  And could you make sure mommy gets a red cast? It's her favorite color.”

“Anything for you, kid.”

The next morning, Arizona woke up in some pain from sleeping in a chair in Callie's room.

“Mommy?” She opened her eyes to see Sofia standing next to Callie's bed.  The toddler had insisted on staying with Arizona to make sure Callie was okay. However, she fell asleep early and this was the first she was seeing of her injured mother.

“Don't wake her up,” Arizona whispered.

Sofia ignored her mother and called for Callie again.  Callie groaned but woke up.

“Sorry,” Arizona apologized. “I told her not to.”

“It's okay.”

“Mommy, I need to see if Aunt Cristina kept her promise.”

“She did.” Callie flipped the blanket off of her to expose her right leg.  It was in a red cast just like Sofia requested.

“Are you sure those are really your toes?” She asked as she poked at them.

“Sofia, be careful,” Arizona didn't want her hurting Callie.

“Yes. Sofia.  This is my entire leg.  Are you okay now?”

“Just checking. But, if they did replace your toes with robot ones, that is so cool.”

“Nope, no robot toes here,” Callie laughed.

Sofia frowned and then headed into the bathroom in the room.

“Robot toes? What did Sofia seriously think they were going to do to me?”

“I don't know. But, I'm glad you are okay. And I think we need to pay more attention to what that kid sees on tv.”


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May. 6th, 2014 11:26 pm (UTC)
Cute! My fave is number 3 as I could see it, visualise it!

Thanks for writing and posting.
May. 7th, 2014 01:37 am (UTC)
Thanks! #3 was actually the one I liked least of these, so I'm glad that one isn't as bad as I kept thinking it was.
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