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9.06 Sides

Thanks to WindSprints from TWOP.

Not sure if much C/A in these sides but I thought the attorney one was worth a look just the same.

Attorney2 - Julie enters the law office and attorney2 and other plantiffs are at a conference table. The attorney says "you must be Julie", tells her that they are all here today to catch up on where they are 2 years after the accident. Wants to get depositions about continued physical and emotional difficulties they may have suffered. Julie says she isn't sure what the attorney means, he/she says they should talk to see what comes up because anything could be helpful. Julie asks who are we up against? The attorney says the car company, car manufacturer, parts manufacturers, the driver.

Julie must leave because the next scene is in the corridor with the attorney catching up to Julie. Attorney asks for 15 minutes, Julie doesn't have time. The attorney says he/she respects that but anything she was involved and her testimony can benefit her family, anything may be helpful. Julie says she gets headaches sometimes. The attorney says "15 minutes" but Julie walks away.

Brian - 17 in the ER screaming in pain, sweating and trembling. Dr. Smith asks Brian if he was drinking this morning or took anything. Brian says he doesn't take drugs and asks what happened. Dr. Smith examines, his stomach is weirdly distended, Brian is in pain. She tells him to relax and they're going to find out why he's feeling so bad.

Brian's room, with Brian's parents Dorie and Kurt. Dr. Smith tells them they aren't sure if its cancerous but there's a mass. She tells them that Brian's symptoms are consistent with drug abuse. Brians says he doesn't take drugs but after some back and forth cracks and admits it.

ICU, night. Dr. Smith talking to Dorie and Kurt. Its cancer but Dr. S tells them they got it all with good margins but there's a chance of reoccurrence. (Patient speech time!) Dorie says Brian was perfect. Awkward but funny and smart-alecky but thoughtful. Perfect. She thought he was being a teenager when he changed so much. Had she known she would have stopped him, she swears she would have done anything.

Pathologist - reading labs to interns. "Labs for the Tooth Fairy?". Intern 1 says that's mine.

Ruth - mother of the 13 year old girl patient, Jamie. Dr. Smith says the incision looks great but her throat is still a concern. Says probably just an infection but wants to keep her another day. Ruth says sure, thank you.

Homeless Man - Dr. Smith is in the ER with a white bearded homeless man in his 60s who has sever abdominal pain. He's woozy and starting to hiccup/puke. Apologizes to Dr. Smith saying when he starts puking it doesn't stop for days. Dr. Smith says she is going to give fluids to flush the alcohol from his system. He says there's no alcohol. Dr. Smith says last time he threw up on them he breathed a .21, time before that was higher. He says it helps the pain but he didn't drink anything this time. She sees pain and fear in his eyes and tells him let's figure out what it is. His eyes fill with gratitude. Then he pukes all over her shirt again.

Day - Dr. Smith finds him in his bed curled up moaning and in pain. She says it looks like there is nothing wrong with him. Nothing more they can do. He knows he has to leave and asks for a blanket since he's freezing. He's sweating bullets and shivering.

Night - Dr. Smith tells homeless man his scans came back clean. She needs him to be honest, asks if he came there looking for drugs. He looks at her sadly and says yes, asks if she can help him out. She's pissed. Tells him to get up and get dressed. He asks for aspirin. She says aspirin? He says he gets back headaches, describes a migraine. She says migraines and asks why he didn't say so. He said he tried. His eyes go distant, she leans forward and he pukes all over her again.

Dr. Jeff Russell - hospital war room. Dr. Smith enters and finds Dr. Jeff Russell (40s) flipping through scans and writing notes in charts. Dr. Smith introduces himself. He's upbeat, energetic. Always feels a little pressed for time. Russell says holy crap, you're here. Jeff. Jeff Russell, make it Jeff. They shake, Russell says this is great, welcome! See patients, have fun! Turns back to his work, Dr. Smith stands there getting pissed.

Dr. Smith says I thought they might talk, Russell says he wishes he had the time. Dr. Smith says he's happy to be at SGMW but not if his education is going to stop here. Russell says he knows, that why he's there. He has a huge meningioma on a pregnant lady, 4 papers the journals are breathing down my neck for and an army of interns who could use.......who are stupid. Tells Dr. Smith all reports says he's good and capable and excited about this work as he his. Go run my service, make him look great. Just don't kill the patients and call him if he absolutely needs to. Are we good? Dr. Smith stares then leaves.

Day - OR Nurse's station. Russell rushes up to Dr. Smith asking what happened. Dr. Smith hands him the post-op notes, says he had to go in, the patient was coding. He shushes and waves off Dr. Smith, reads the notes then tells him good save, knew he made the right call, great work! Then he's off.

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