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Finding Forever

Title: Finding Forever

Author: Peak123

Pairing: Callie/Arizona

Rating: MA

Disclaimer: I don't own Grey's Anatomy or any of the characters/story lines. Sadly, those all belong to ABC and Shonda Rhimes.

Summary: Post 8 x 24 (season finale), picking up from where Grey's left off. The first chapter in this fic is also the last chapter from "Little Moments." Callie and Arizona are desperate to find their way back to one another. But will Callie get to her wife in time?

Finding Forever

Chapter 1 :

Callie was just laying in bed, clad in the latest piece of lingerie she had retrieved to entice her wife. Black lace and fruit-flavored body paint were meant to be a welcome home present…an I missed you, and want you, and need you naked beside me kind of present. Longing and desire were beginning to take over the beautiful brunette, and she didn‘t know how much longer she could wait. She had already been waiting for Arizona to come home for what felt like an eternity.

“Come on, Arizona. Where are you?” the brunette whispered aloud, craning her neck to look at the alarm clock.

Quarter after ten.

Arizona said she would be home by nine o’clock. Hmm? Maybe their flight got delayed and she just forgot to call. Callie reached over and grabbed her cell phone, releasing a heavy sigh when there were no messages or missed calls.

“Guess I’ll just have to call you,” she said, once again talking into the empty space beside her.

She pressed the number programmed to dial her wife’s cell and put the phone to her ear. One ring. Two. Three. Four. Voicemail. Hello. This is Dr. Arizona Robbins. I’m not available right now…

Callie listened to the message with reverence and yearning. She loved that voice. She loved the big, blue eyes, and dimples, and gorgeous body that accompanied that voice. She loved that woman. And more than anything in the world, she wanted to touch that body…see those eyes…hear that voice. She wanted her wife home, in her bed and in her arms.

“Hey, babe. I was just wondering if you guys got held up or something. It’s getting pretty late and I…I haven’t heard from you,” Callie mumbled into the receiver, along with another heavy sigh. “It’s not very nice to make your wife worry, you know? And it’s not very nice to keep me waiting in this lingerie,” she said with a naughty laugh, hoping to get the message across loud and clear. “I’m waiting for you. Love you, baby.”

Just then, there was a loud knock on the door. Callie glanced at the clock again.

Ten fifteen.

Who could possibly be calling on her at this hour? Mark was in Boise with Arizona. So was Cristina.

“Just a minute,” Callie hollered as she jumped out of bed, quickly throwing her bathrobe on over her negligee.

She raced through the living room and flew open the door, her jaw dropping when she saw who was standing on the other side. “Owen? What…what are you doing here?”

“Can I…can I come in?” he asked, swallowing the lump in his throat. The man was clearly distraught. He looked tired…upset…concerned. “I’m really sorry to have to do this, Callie. But…”

“She’s not here, Owen,” Callie interjected, an idea suddenly dawning on her.

He was here looking for his wife. He thought Cristina came back to her former home, instead of going home to him. They were having problems. The whole hospital knew about it.

“I’m not here looking for Cristina,” Owen whispered after taking in the shock of Callie’s assumption.

“Oh. Oh, okay,” Callie muttered, more confused than ever. “Do you know if they’ve even made it back from Boise yet? Have you heard anything? Because I just tried to call Arizona and…”

“They didn’t make it,” Owen said, looking up from the floor to meet Callie’s eyes. His own eyes were filled with tears, and suddenly, Callie began to feel uneasy.

“What do you mean?” the brunette shrieked, her heart beginning to pound in her chest. Owen didn‘t answer. “They didn’t make it back from Idaho yet? Their flight got delayed or something? Or, or the surgery was postponed for some reason and they’re not coming back until tomorrow?”

Callie rattled off her questions in one, long-winded breath, her nerves clearly getting the best of her. She was starting to worry now…really worry.

Owen could see the look of concern on his friend’s face. It was the same look he’d been wearing since he listened to the eight messages from Boise. When he realized that the team of surgeons he had sent to Idaho had never made it to their destination, he immediately went into military mode. He gathered information…put calls out…followed protocol.

It was only after he got off the phone with the hospital in Boise, and the airline, and Search and Rescue that he fully understood the magnitude of the situation. The plane had crashed. The plane carrying his doctors…his friends…his wife. It had crashed. Yesterday. The plane had crashed yesterday, and nobody had found them yet. Nobody knew where they were, how badly they were injured, or if they were even still alive.

Callie continued to stare at him, waiting for an answer. “They didn’t make it to Boise,” he said, cringing at the sound of his own words. “The plane went down.”

“What? What are you talking about?” the brunette screamed. “No. No. That’s not true. That can’t be true.”

“I’m sorry,” Owen mumbled, his clouded eyes once again lowered to the floor. He couldn’t look at Callie right now. He couldn’t bear to see the fear and sorrow.

“What do we do, Owen?” Callie whispered, her eyes also filled with tears. “We need to do something.”

“Search and Rescue is on it. They said they were getting a team together, and they would be looking for them right away,” he informed the brunette, even though he knew that wouldn’t make her feel any better.

“We can’t wait for Search and Rescue,” Callie squealed, tears falling fast from her worried eyes. “I’m not going to just sit here and wait, Owen. My wife was on that plane. My wife. And…and your wife too. And Mark. And Lexie, and Meredith and Derek. They’re all out there somewhere. We…we need to get to them. God only knows how badly any of them are hurt. Or worse. What if…what if they’re dead? What if she’s dead?”

Callie’s eyes were wide with the realization that her wife-- her beloved Arizona, could be gone forever. “This can’t be happening,” she whispered to herself, her eyes locked on a picture of Arizona and Sofia. “I can’t lose her, Owen. I just…”

Before she could say another word, Owen stepped forward and pulled Callie into a tight hug. “I know. I know. I can’t lose Cristina either,” he breathed in the brunette’s ear as tears ran down his face. “We are not going to lose them, okay?”

Callie pulled back, looking deep into the sad eyes of her friend. “Okay,” she said, with firm resolution. “We are not going to lose them. We are going to go out there and find them, every single one of them, and bring them home.”


“No. Don’t argue with me,“ she said before he could even try. “There are ways. Maybe Search and Rescue could use us…you know, put our medical expertise to good use.“

“Already asked,” Owen told her, shaking his head in disappointment. “They said they have their own doctors, and that it wouldn’t be a good idea for anyone personally invested in the victims to…”

“Okay then,” Callie said, cutting him off. “My father. My father is a wealthy man. He has connections. He can get us a chopper…another team…anything we need.”

“Really?’ Owen asked, taken back by that fact.

“Really,” she replied. “I’ll call him when we leave. I’m going to go get dressed. And you are going to call Teddy.”

“Teddy?” he shrieked, shrugging his shoulders.

Callie glanced over at the nursery where her baby girl was sleeping peacefully, completely unaware that her mama was in danger of never returning to her. The brunette choked down another lump as she pointed to Sofia’s room. “Someone has to be here,” she whispered.

“Okay. I’ll try to get a hold of Altman while you get yourself together,” Owen said as he pulled Callie back in for another hug. “We’re gonna do this together, Torres. We’re going to get our girls back.”

Callie let out a heavy sigh, unable to say the things she really wanted to say. She wanted Owen to promise her. She wanted him to promise that they would find everyone. She wanted him to promise that Arizona would be alive and well. She wanted him to promise that they would bring her wife home to safety. But she couldn’t ask him to do that. He couldn’t make those promises. No one could.

There was only one person who had control over her life-- a person she had neglected a bit lately. Her happy life, filled with love and joy, had not left her with much time for God. She rarely went to church anymore, and even her tips to the hospital chapel were few and far between.

As Callie worked to replace black lace with navy blue scrubs, she took a minute to talk to the one person who had been by her side forever. “Dear God, please help me. I know I haven’t been around much lately, but…b-but I think You know how much I appreciate everything You’ve give me. Maybe I don’t attend mass or…or even say it out loud, but I thank You each and every day for my life. I thank You for keeping me alive this past year. I thank You for our beautiful, healthy Sofia. And I thank You for my wife…for the woman who makes my life more complete than any man ever could. Arizona is everything to me. Everything. I can’t live without her. So here I am, begging you not to make me try. Please…p-please God, let her be alive. Let us find her…a-and, and everyone else too. Let us bring them home. Let me bring her home. I need her, Lord. I need her more than I’ve ever needed anything or anyone in my whole life. Please, don’t take her away from me.”

Callie let the tears fall as she knelt beside the bed-- the bed she had planned on making love to her wife in all night long. She rubbed the space where Arizona’s body curled into hers after they took one another to heaven and back…the space that their daughter snuggled into every morning when the sun came up. She pulled Arizona’s pillow to her face and inhaled deeply. She never wanted to forget that smell-- the smell that lulled her to sleep on nights when her wife was working…the smell that calmed their baby girl when she was restless.

No. She was not going to lose Arizona. She wouldn’t give her up. She would fight, tooth and nail, to get her back…to bring her home…to keep loving her, as promised, for the rest of their lives.

Callie’s hand moved from her forehead, to her chest, to her left shoulder, and finally her right. She made the sign of the cross with conviction and hope, then slowly removed herself from the floor.

She grabbed all of the things she needed for the voyage ahead of her: her medical bag; the first aide kit that Arizona kept in the bathroom; towels and extra clothing; and finally, a picture of Sofia. She stuffed it into her coat pocket, pulled her hair back into a ponytail, and stared at herself in the mirror. “You can do this, Calliope,” she said, smiling as she heard Arizona’s voice in her head.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. This time, it was soft and slow. “Callie? Are you ready?” Owen asked, his voice shaky and down-trodden. “Teddy’s here. Time to go.”

“Coming,” the brunette stated, loud and clear. “Let’s go get our girls.”

Chapter 2:

Arizona sat in the middle of the forest, just staring up at the copious amount of pine trees. In the distance, she could hear the soft sound of water trickling down a stream. Birds sang an eerie lullaby as the footprints of wild creatures danced around her. The stars were shining in the night sky, somehow brighter than they had ever shone before.

This place was beautiful. Or at least, it would be…if it weren’t for the fact that a plane had crashed down into the middle of it. The pristine floor of what Arizona only assumed was some famous, national park was now littered with luggage, and metal, and debris. Blood stained the rich, chocolate earth and crisp, green leaves that adorned it. Screams of terror and sorrow had destroyed the peaceful, quiet air. Lexie was dead. People were injured. They were lost, along with any beauty this magnificent place may have held.

As the night wore on, the forest grew darker and darker. The stars began to fade, as did any hope of being found. Arizona’s leg wasn’t causing her quite so much pain. But that wasn’t really anything to be too excited about. Mark was barely hanging on by a thread, and she couldn’t be sure about the others. Derek’s hand was severely damaged, just like her leg, but it wasn’t necessarily life-threatening. Meredith and Cristina seemed okay. At least, that was the assumption. All of them needed medical attention if they wanted to guarantee survival.

Survival. A word the blonde was accustomed to using in her line of work. On a regular basis, she had to discuss survival rates with her patients’ parents. She gave them the odds, supplied them with hope and, all too often, broke the news that it just wasn’t possible. I’m sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson…your son did not survive the surgery. We used every precaution, took every measure, tried every method. There was nothing more we could do.

Just like there was nothing Arizona could do right now to increase her chances of survival. She couldn’t walk. Hell, she could barely move without causing herself unbearable pain. Not to mention the blood loss. She had finally managed to wrap her mangled leg up tightly and splint it. One wrong move and the whole thing could open up again, causing her to bleed to death. There was a good chance that might happen anyway, with whatever internal injuries she had sustained. The vile taste of blood coated her tongue again, and suddenly it hit her. She might die. Out here in the forest, her life may come to an end. She looked down at Mark, whose weary head was resting on her good leg, and began to laugh. It started as the whisper of a giggle, but quickly grew into a frightening cackle.

“What the hell are you laughing about, Blondie?” Mark grumbled, slowly opening his eyes to stare at her. “I’m…I’m pretty sure the situation we’ve got ourselves in is anything but funny.”

Mark closed his eyes again, sheer exhaustion taking over his injured body. But Arizona knew he was with her…waiting, listening. “Actually, Mark…think about it,” she chuckled. “We’re going to die out here. You and me-- we’re the ones who are going to be together in the end.”

“No. You…you said that wasn’t going to happen,” Mark reminded her. “You told me that we were going home together…that Callie and Sofia were waiting for us.”

“They are. They are waiting,” Arizona cried, laughter suddenly turning to tears. “But right now, we need people to be looking for us, Mark. No one is looking.”

“Owen’s looking,” Cristina yelled from across the way, startling the blonde a bit. “He had to have realized we’re missing by now, and he’s…he’s on it. I’m sure of it.”

“Yeah. Just like Jerry over there was sure the little, black box was going to let air traffic control know the plane went down,” Arizona hollered back. “Looks like that worked out real well.”

“Since when are you such a pessimist?” Yang shrieked as she made her way towards them. “Seriously…you’re freakin’ roller girl. You’re all perky, and happy, and annoyingly optimistic all the time. What the hell?”

“Well, excuse me if I don’t feel quite so perky right now,” Arizona retorted. “A friend and colleague died out here a few hours ago. My leg is destroyed. And…and no one is coming for us.”

“She will,” Mark whispered, his eyes fluttering open for a second. “Callie will find a way to get to us. Trust me, Robbins. She’s not going to let anything happen to you. Her and Hunt will send someone. They have to.”

“See…even pretty boy here agrees with me,” Cristina said as she began to check Mark’s vitals. “Keep it together, Robbins. If you want to see your wife and kid again, you need to keep it together. Be perky, and optimistic, and annoying. Okay?”

“Okay,” the blonde replied, wiping the tears from under her eyes. She locked eyes with Yang for a moment and for the first time, the two of them shared something she wasn’t even sure the younger doctor had. Hope. Cristina was right. She couldn’t lose sight of that now, or survival would be impossible.

So Arizona closed her eyes…not to sleep, because that could be dangerous. She closed her eyes to dream…to remember…to survive. Her girls were waiting for her. One of them was searching for her. She had to believe that. She had to tune out the frightened voice in her head that kept telling her that it was over…that she was dead…that no one was coming. “They’ll be here. Someone will find us,” she whispered into the vast emptiness of the dark forest, still trying to convince herself. “Come and find me, Calliope.”

Behind her lids, Arizona was met with a pair of brown eyes…the biggest, most beautiful brown eyes she had ever seen. She had caught a glimpse of them once or twice at the hospital, but sitting across the bar from them was completely different. The Peds surgeon was mesmerized, completely and utterly fascinated by those warm, chocolate orbs and the beautiful goddess who owned them. Surely, this couldn’t be the woman who had been burned by that nasty witch, Hahn. No one in their right mind would leave someone like the woman before her.

Arizona looked on as the infamous Dr. Torres threw back shot after shot of Tequila. Then someone else approached the bar-- another woman. Maybe she didn’t have a chance. She tried not to eavesdrop, but then her beautiful goddess started to cry. Out of the corner of her eye, the blonde could see those brown eyes start to fill with tears, and without really knowing why, her heart sank. She couldn’t bear to see this woman-- this stranger-- so upset. She had to fix it. She had to make it better. So she got up and followed Dr. Torres into the bathroom. Best decision of her life.

“Robbins. Dr. Robbins, wake up.”

Arizona opened her eyes, sadness filling her heart as the pool of deep chocolate she was dreaming of was replaced with Meredith Grey’s face. Not that it was a bad face…Grey was a fairly pretty woman. But she was no Calliope.

“I wasn’t sleeping,” Arizona scoffed as she sat up a bit straighter. She looked down at Mark. Still breathing. The blonde let out a sigh of relief, then turned her attention back to Meredith. “How’s Derek?”

“He’s…he’s okay. For now. He’s okay for now,” Grey told her. “We could all use some water over there. You guys have any?”

“There are two bottles left, but…but Mark really needs the fluids,” Arizona said as she nonchalantly ran her fingers through his hair. “I…I heard running water before though. There must be a stream, or a brook, or something nearby.”

“Alright,” Meredith whispered as she began the search for empty bottles. “Cristina and I will head out at first light. Try not to fall asleep again.”

“I told you, I wasn’t sleeping,” Arizona muttered, a bit defensively.

“Your eyes were closed, Dr. Robbins,” Meredith stated simply, rolling her eyes. “If you weren’t sleeping, then what were you doing?”

“I was just thinking…about my wife,” the blonde whispered, swallowing the lump in her throat, along with the latest upsurge of blood.

Grey noticed the strange way that Arizona winced when she swallowed and raised an eyebrow at the Peds surgeon. “You okay, Dr. Robbins?” she asked, bending down to check her leg.

“Never been better,” Arizona replied, her tone laced with sarcasm.

There was no point in telling anyone about the internal bleeding. Nothing could be done for her out here, and knowing would only cause everyone to panic. And she couldn’t have that, especially when she was trying so hard not to panic herself.

“Cristina’s right, you know?” Meredith announced suddenly. “They’re going to find us. We are going to go home to our little girls, Arizona. We have to go home to our little girls.”

Arizona could hear the strain in the younger surgeon’s voice as she uttered those words, and she nodded slowly in agreement. Going home was a promise no one could keep. But they made the promise anyway…to each other and to themselves. They were going home to their daughters.



No other words were necessary as the sad, worried eyes of two mothers met in darkness and despair. This time, it was Meredith Grey’s tears she saw forming, mirroring the ones filling her own.

“Be careful when you go for water,” Arizona whispered, blinking back the wave of emotion that threatened to come crashing down.

“Don’t fall asleep,” Meredith ordered, waving her finger in the air as a smile tugged on the corners of her mouth.

Arizona laughed, shaking her head as she smiled back. “Meredith…” she called, just before the young doctor disappeared into the darkness. “I’m so, so sorry about your sister. She was…we, w-we all loved her.”

“I know,” Meredith mumbled as she exhaled. “Thank you, Dr. Robbins.”

Within a few seconds, Grey was gone, leaving Arizona alone again. She looked down at her lap once more. Mark’s breathing was shallow…but he was still breathing. “You hold on, Mark. You hold on for Sofia, okay? We both need to go home to our girl.”

Arizona spit out the blood clot that rose in her throat, then closed her eyes once more. She had to hold on too. She had to keep going…keep fighting…keep believing. If Callie could survive the accident, she could survive this. If Sofia could live, against all odds, then she could too.

Memories once again flooded her mind as she sat on the cold, forest floor. She traveled back to the cold box of the gallery where she had witnessed the premature birth of her daughter. Callie was barely alive on the operating table. Sofia shouldn’t have been alive at all. She was born way too soon. She was so tiny. And for the first time since she had become a pediatric surgeon, Arizona felt afraid. Looking down at the blue, lifeless form in the incubator, a new kind of fear coursed through her veins. This was her daughter…her baby. A baby she though she never wanted had suddenly become the most important thing in her life, and in that moment, she wanted Sofia more than anything.

She remembered the panic that rose in her chest as she raced into the OR that day…the way her Calliope looked on the table, the silence that filled the room with her presence. Mark was beside her then, just as he is now, silently encouraging her to do what needed to be done. She hesitated, wondering if all of it was too much for her. But then, she looked at the tiny version of Callie and fell in love all over again. There was no way she was letting their daughter die. She pushed people aside, barked out orders, and got to work. She poured every ounce of love and passion into her skilled fingers, touching Sofia’s heart in a way that no one else ever could. And then she heard it…the most amazing sound she had ever heard. Ba boom, ba boom. It was weak, but it was there. “We have a heartbeat…”

In the span of a few hours, her life had been turned upside down. She had proposed to the love of her life, then almost lost her. She had saved a life and become a mother, that tiny heartbeat changing her forever.


The tears trickled down Arizona’s cheeks as she wept for her little girl. She wept for the pain and suffering Sofia had endured…countless surgeries, months in the NICU. She wept for the devastation and loss her baby would feel, no matter how young she was, if she lost her mama. She wept for herself…for all she would be missing if she didn’t make it back to Sofia alive. And she wept in eternal gratitude that no matter what happened to her, their daughter would give Callie a reason to keep going. Even if Arizona didn’t live, Callie would have to for Sofia. Her love wouldn’t die along with her, if that was her fate. Her heart and soul would go on, loving their little girl for the two of them.

“Sofia,” Mark repeated, his voice struggling to rise above a strangled moan. “What if we both…”

“Shhh. That’s not going to happen,” Arizona said, stopping him from finishing his sentence. She knew what Mark was going to say, and she was determined not to let that happen. Her girls were waiting for her. She had to go home to them. And so did Mark. “We will be back in Seattle in no time,” she told him, hoping she could keep the promise. “One smile from our baby girl and we’ll be all better.”

Mark sucked in a deep breath, his lungs desperate for air. “Yeah. She’s...one…cute kid, isn’t…she?” he whispered in between labored inhalations.

“The cutest,” the blonde replied, picturing those chubby little cheeks and beautiful, raven hair. “Sofia needs us to make it through this. We can’t let her down.”

“Then we won’t,” Mark choked out before a lack of oxygen caused him to collapse against Arizona’s leg again.

“They’re coming for us. They’re coming. She’s coming…she’s coming…she’s coming,” Arizona repeated over and over again as she stroked Mark’s hair. “Please…come and find me, Calliope.”

An owl nearby let out a long, loud hoot, causing Arizona to shiver. Her heart was pounding as she looked around, trying to see through the darkness and fog. The last star in the sky danced like a flickering candle on the verge of going out, as the eerie lullaby of the swallows grew louder and louder, making it impossible to think of anything but fear…loneliness…death. It was going to be a long night.

A/N: Okay, so I decided to create a new fic around this SL, in order for me to possibly continue the “Little Moments” series with season 9. I suppose I can write this saga over the GA break, and then jump back into Shonda Land (not that we will get even half as much of a glimpse into Cal/AZ’s feelings/thoughts as we do in fanfic!). Please be sure and check for updates under this new title!! And please be sure and let me know what you thought of the chapter. Think I’ll go back and forth between Cal and AZ’s POV with each chapter. Good idea? Also wanted to know if you guys liked the flashbacks? Didn’t want to use the GA script verbatim, but really wanted to include some memories of our girls’ journey together. Might have Callie reminiscing in the next chapter. Okay, so F’n tired that I can barely see straight. Teething toddler + tutoring + exam week + house on market/possible new house + possible new baby = choas and exhaustion. Not that I am complaining…I love my life! And chaos is good…just not the exhaustion part, LOL. Have a great weekend, everyone! My fam coming for a visit, so more chaos it is! Thanks to everyone who follows my new fic here, and all of the other fics too!!! You guys rock!


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Jun. 1st, 2012 05:35 pm (UTC)
Please continue with this SL... I am really loving this story so far which is no surprise considering how awesome your writing is! I thinks it's a wonderful idea to switch up the point of views every chapter so that we get both ladies perspectives. This chapter was great and gave a nice glimpse into Arizona's inner turmoil. I also like that you wrote it to where her colleagues actually show concern for her.
Thanks for posting when I know you could be doing a million other things with your family. :-)
Jun. 1st, 2012 05:41 pm (UTC)
Lol, you are welcome!! My other half is out on thurs nites...so i usually write once the kids r asleep. Glad u like my version of this SL, having fun with it!!
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